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B2B Money Wheel

The B2B Money wheel consists of 54 segments which are marked with numbers (1,2,5,10,20,40) that have a unique colour for each number. Should the wheel stop on your chosen number after spinning hence you will win. There are also multiplier segments of 2x and 5x in which will trigger a bonus spin where your win will be multiplied after the spin.

Game Rules

  • Firstly, place your bet on any of the numbers that you predict the wheel will stop at from 1,2,5,10,20 or 40
  • Once the betting timer reaches 0, the wheel will be spun
  • Once the wheel has stopped spinning, the segment (winning number) will be the one at the pointer.
  • All wins are paid on a to one basis where the odds are depicted by each number in the betting panel such as 1 pays to 1, 5 pays to 1 etc. (Refer to payout table)
  • However, should the wheel stop spinning at a multiplier segment (2x or 5x), then all bets remain in place and the wheel is spun again.
  • If the wheel stops on the number which you had bet on, hence your win is multiplied by 2 or 5 (Depending on the multiplier segment in last spin in the same round)
  • However, if the wheel stops two or more times on a multiplier segment in a single round, then all bets will remain in place until the wheel stops on a number segment. In cases of this, the multipliers will be stacked
  • For example: if the first spin fell on 2x and the second spin was at 5x while the third spin was on number 2, hence it will be as follows if you had bet USD 100 on number 2:

    • USD 100 x 2 = USD 200 x 5 = USD 1000 (total payout)
  • Multiplier wins can be stacked up to the maximum payout of the game
  • This game has a maximum payout limit of USD 10,000 in a single round
  • Any malfunction or error will void the game round

Number on Wheel Number of Segments Pays
1 23 1 to 1
2 15 2 to 1
5 7 5 to 1
10 4 10 to 1
20 2 20 to 1
40 1 40 to 1
2x 1 Multiplies the payout of the next winning number by 2x
7x 1 Multiplies the payout of the next winning number by 5x